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2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech

Morocco 2 Days tour 

With our 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech. You will visit many fascinating places. The first day will begin by driving high up over the Atlas Mountains to reach the Tizi N’ Ticka pass. An elevation of 2260 meters above sea level. Stopping at the UNESCO world heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou kasbah. Is one of the highlights of the tour, later we keep driving along the Draa Valley. Which considers the largest river in Morocco with around 1.100 km.

In the afternoon we arrive our destination Zagora desert. Where your Camels are waiting to carry you across the middle dunes of the area to catch what might be the best sunset in your life. After an hour of camel riding, you will reach out to your camp where you will spend the night. Under a vast open sky of stars enjoying the Berber music and dancing around the fire. On the next morning, we drive back to Marrakech we will stop several times along the way for lunch, break, or at the wonderful villages which are scattered all over. In the afternoon you will be dropped off at the riad end of our tour.

Program Itinerary of 2 Days from Marrakech to Mhamid Desert:

Morocco 2 Days Itinerary

⇒ Day 1: Marrakech » Mhamid Desert

The 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech start after a typical Moroccan breakfast and a much-needed shower. On our way we made the first stop in Tizi N’ Tichka is a high Mountain pass at an elevation of 2.260m above the sea level, located on the boundary between Marrakesh and Ouarzazate. On the way you will admire many Berber villages and beautiful landscapes, we continue to the “Ksar Aît Benhaddou” (Ksar = settlement). This enchanting still original place in old clay construction has already served as a backdrop for many famous films (most recently “The Game of Thrones”). 

After an enjoyable visit, we continue towards Zagora city via Agdez village and Draa valley. where you will visit the Islamic library in Tamgroute Village and discover its unique green party. After we arrive you will ride your camel to reach the desert camp in the middle dune. To enjoy a magical view of the sunset over the dunes with spending a fantastic night in the desert camp. dinner and breakfast.

⇒ Day 2: Chegaga » Marrakech

After watching a magical view of sunrise and a delicious breakfast at the foot of the dune. We will visit the village of Tamgroute. Is known for its old Koranic school, and the desert of erg Chigaga. and the lake of Iriki if we have enough time. Then we keep driving back to Marrakech passing through the Berber village of Taznakht the old library, also the potters quarter. A visit will be worth it if you are interested.

You will have a walk for a few minutes along the Daraa valley, around its amazing trees and fields of henna, afterwards, we will drive through the anti-atlas to arrive in Ouarzazate for a break of lunch. Then we drive back to Marrakech through the Atlas Mountains. drop you off at your riad. ends of our 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech.

Itinerary Map: 2 Days Morocco Tour from Marrakech

2 Days tour in Morocco

2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech

2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech Note:

2 Days in Morocco

Note! this is just a tour itinerary suggestion. If this tour does not match what you are looking for, then please contact us. Keep in mind that the transportation price is fixed. Moreover, the more people join you on the tour the more price less gets. Our accommodations are based on your needs we offer (premium class, middle class and standard). Our team has 10 years of experience in tourism field. If you are thinking to visit Morocco, and you have no idea or enough information about how to do it.

then just tell us what activities you want to do. And the cities you would like to visit. Then we plan the itinerary according to your interests. Morocco itinerary team is always ready to share with you all the information you need and help you get an unforgettable trip, BTW we are open 24/7 to answer all questions without hesitation. So, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

2 Days in Morocco Tour Gallery:

2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech, let's travel together and show you the real Morocco with the experts guides and drivers 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech, let's travel together and show you the real Morocco with the experts guides and drivers 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech, let's travel together and show you the real Morocco with the experts guides and drivers 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech

Additional info about the 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech

Transportations info!

First of all. Bear in mind that our cars are well comfortable, Spacious and with air-conditioning. In our tours we actually offer only the last models of Toyota Prado (if you are maximum 4 Travelers). This will give you the potential to move easily in the car or even have a deep sleep. Additionally, we offer, Minivans like Ford and Vito or Viano (if you are maximum 8 or 9 Travellers). Moreover, if you are more than 9 travelers, we have got for you A van that can take until 17 persons. So, by booking your tour with Morocco itinerary make sure that you will travel comfortably.

Accommodations info!

Accommodations is one of the most important things that we take care of.  In our private tours we offer the best accommodations that are well known in the Market for their good service and warm welcoming. We always follow and check each accommodation by ourselves before offering it to our guests. First thing that we focus in, is the Location (we mean we look for tranquil Riads that are not located in dangerous streets or in noisy one).

However, we focus also, about the rooms if are comfortable and clean or not specially the beds, toilet, and terrace. Additionally, the quality of food we work hard to offer you clean and delicious meals to stay healthy and to enjoy your Moroccan food. Last but not least we also try to find Traditional Riads that is well decorated. So, make sure that by booking your tour with us you will get only private rooms in a wonderful Traditional Riads in the Heart of the Medina.

Driver guide info!

Well! by talking about driver guide so we mean the person that will lead you safely. And show the best of what this beautiful country (Morocco) has to offer. Your driver guide is the person that will welcome you in the airport and goodbye you in the airport. He is the person who will make you safe during your tour. Will protect you from any danger, will tell you about the history of his country. And will try to teach you the Arabic and Berber culture. He is going to serve you and offer you all that you need.

Just order and he will try his best to make it come true.  Last but not least if your tour is more than 5 Days you will have the opportunity to make a sightseeing tour in Marrakech and Fes with a local tour guide that will show you the historical places of his city without hesitation.

FAQ of this 2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech?

Morocco in 2 Days

is it Morocco safe?

Don’t get surprised if we said Yes!! Morocco is totally a safe country and one of the most powerful intelligence apparatuses in the world. The Moroccan government has taken a great and very good step to spread safety such as increasing police presence in tourist areas and this we have remarked in every city in Morocco Also, in every street, you will find at least two policemen. As a result, the country’s security forces have been successful in preventing terrorist attacks. As we are a travel agency, we advise our customers to avoid as much as possible narrow streets during the night, avoid large crowds and keep valuables secure, and not to talk with strangers unless are a seller, guide, driver, or a coffee and restaurant waiter. By following the pieces of advice above you will enjoy your stay in Morocco with peace of mind.

Travel to Morocco as solo!

Traveling to Morocco as a solo. It might be difficult and impossible in your mind because you believe that it’s an African country and it’s not safe and it is very poor and and… But the fact is completely different. By traveling with us you will get a private car, a private driver’s guide. And a private room or tent in the Sahara Desert. traveling solo can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, you will be more flexible to do what you want without any obstructions.

Our driver guide will be with you during the whole trip to make sure that you are enjoying, safe and comfortable. In big cities like Marrakech and Fes, you will have a local tour guide who will lead you safely as well and show you his city’s historical places with an open heart. I think we have said everything about traveling solo and bear in mind that you are not the first or the last who will travel alone. With our proper planning and awareness, a solo trip with Morocco itinerary is a memorable adventure.

The Overnight in the Camp

According to our guests’ reviews 99% of them they consider the night of the desert camp in Sahara Desert as the highlight of their trip. why?? what makes it special and recommended? Well to answer this question we should talk about the reasons!! First, when our customers arrive Merzouga Desert, they find the camels waiting to carry them across the dunes. Along the way a stop will be made in order to catch a magical sunset over the dunes then later they continue to reach the desert camp where our clients get surprised with the quality of their tent which includes a private bathroom, and a very clean and comfortable bed. Additionally, a delicious dinner with Berber music around the fire under a fully open sky of stars it’s the reason that makes the trip unforgettable. So don’t miss to visit the Sahara Desert during your stay in Morocco.

Alcohol in Morocco!

Morocco considers as an Islamic Country with more than 99 percent of the population is Sunni Muslim. But this doesn’t prevent of producing it and selling it. Here are some Moroccan beers and wines; (Casablanca, Stork, Flag, Heineken). If you are wondering where to buy some alcohol, that easy because many licensed shops are selling it. Such as some Hotels, some Restaurants, Bars, or Carrefour (Supermarket). However, drinking alcohol in the streets for tourists is breaking the law and is completely forbidden and can lead to arrest. So please be careful where you drink you are in a Muslim country.

What to bring with you?

while you are reading this article, so you are interested in travelling to Morocco. But you are lost, and you don’t know what to bring exactly. We will talk only about the important things Firstly, check your passport if its valid to travel or not, don’t forget your credit cards, Cash, Flight info, Phone, Charger, Suitcase, and some Medicine because Morocco don’t have the best Quality ones. However, bring body sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, lip balm are very helpful especially in the desert where the weather is dry. Last thing you shouldn’t forget is a secure Day Bag it’s a great ideal to protect your stuff when you venture into public places like souks (Markets).

Summer and autumn Cloths: Oversize T-shirts, short pants, light trousers, a Dress for women, a bathing suit if you want to swim, we advise comfortable shoes for walking, and a scarf to cover your hair and shoulders but if you don’t have one no worries you can buy one in Morocco. Also, a light jacket is very important because some places are a bit cold even in the summertime. To protect yourself from the strong sun we advise you to bring a Cap. Additionally, don’t forget flip-flops.

winter and spring Cloths: Our suggestions are a warm Jacket for the nights and early mornings, long pants (Jeans), if you have fleece, is perfect idea. Also, T-shirt sometimes during the day it gets sunny and warm. Shoes at least two types, Scarf, skirts, is ok, and tunics.

The Wi-fi & SIM Card in Morocco?

If you are wondering how to get the internet in Morocco and get connected with the world it’s simple and super easy. In the airport where you land, there are shops selling SIM cards you just have to buy one and put some Balance on it, and then you get the internet. I think you still didn’t understand in Morocco each shop (Grocer) sells SIM cards and balances. So, you need to buy both. SIM Card costs from 1.5 euro to a maximum of 2.5 euro. For the balance from 0.50 cents to 20 euro, it depends on how much you want:

100 MG costs 0.50 cents available for one day – 1GB costs 1 Euro available for 3 Days – 2GB costs 2 euro available for 1 week – 5GB costs 5 euro and is available for one Month, and 10GB costs 10 Euro. (The best company is Maroc Telcom). Additionally, Wi-Fi is available in every coffee, restaurant, Riad, and Hotel.

What languages Moroccans speaks?

Morocco is an Amazigh country (Berber) before being an Arabic country. How? Why? In Morocco More than 65% speak the Amazigh language for example in the north of the country. There are two main languages spoken (Amazigh and Spanish). in the Middle of the country, you will find people speak Arabic and Amazigh, and in the southeast Amazigh is spoken, in the west you find Amazigh and Arabic. So, if we come to account it we realize that Berbers are more spread in Morocco than Arabic. And to confirm this the king of Morocco Mohamed 6 is of Amazigh origin. Additionally, in Morocco, you will find people speak, other languages like French due to the French colonial, English because a lot they find it easy to learn, Moreover Spanish due to geographical proximity.

Can I use euro or Dollar in Morocco?

Most Merchants in Souks (Market) are accepting £$ and euro instead of the local Currency (MAD). But it’s going to be difficult for you in other places such as Restaurants. And Coffees because the majority of them are accepting only MAD. Our advice is to exchange your money in trusted offices like banks or other shops and don’t never give your money to strangers for exchange in the streets. 

2 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech info:


  • Pickup & drop off from and to your Marrakesh accommodation
  • Transportation in modern tourism minibus
  • English speaking driver during the tour
  • Free time to explore the villages
  • 1 Night accommodation in bivouac
  • Diner and breakfast
  • Camels pick up and drop off
  • breakfast
  • Fuel

Not Included

  • Personal purchases
  • lunch and drinks
  • monument tickets
  • Tips for Driver and Guide, Nomads, Gnawa, Hotels